Who We Are

TechInnovators2020 serves as home base for a group normally reluctant activists and tech elder friends assembled by Daniel Berninger.

The group – everyone speaks for and represents themselves – convened on February 26, 2015 in response and opposition to the Federal Communications Commission Open Internet Order.

The perspectives of the individuals in the group cover a wide range of views but comes together against the idiotic and bureaucratic declaration of equivalence between IP addresses and telephone numbers the FCC uses to win regulatory – so called Title II – jurisdiction over the Internet.

As per tech elder John Perry Barlow, founder, EFF – “Declaring telephone numbers and IP addresses the same thing is like declaring a symphony and a Buick the same thing because they both make noise”.

Daniel Berninger, founder, VCXC – “The concept of “neutrality” Professor Wu claims as the purpose for regulation does not submit to either objective measurement or bureaucratic enforcement.”

Tom Evslin, founder & former, CEO ITXC – “Imposing Title II merely makes the Internet safe for monopolies.”

The charter group of tech elders include: Andrew OdlyzkoBob Metcalfe, Brett GlassBryan Martin, Charlie Giancarlo, Dave Farber, David Frankel, Doug Humphrey, Esther DysonGeorge Gilder, Gordon BellJeff Pulver, Joe McMillenJohn Gilmore, John Perry Barlow, Les Vadasz, Mark Cuban, Martin GeddesMichael RobertsonRay Ozzie, Tom Evslin, Sandra RiveraScott McNealy, Tim Draper, and Toby Farrand.