Tim Pozar

As a member of the group that created TLGnet, one of the first low-cost Internet Service Providers, Tim Pozar has over 25 years of experience in network communications.

Pozar is currently the Director of Streaming Operations at Fandor where he architects and oversees film delivery. His work includes building the technical infrastructure that enables democratic, open communication.

Outside of Fandor, Pozar is the network architect for the City of San Francisco Community Broadband Network (CBN) that supports free Internet access to 16,000 of the residents of City’s Housing Authority as well as dozens of non-profits and open spaces around San Francisco. Pozar is a founding member of the Bay Area Wireless Users Group, a founding member of the Bay Area Wireless Research Network and has written a number of papers and presentations on the technology and regulation behind licensed and unlicensed wireless networks

With his free time, Pozar speaks on public radio stations, develops software for the exchange of email, and maintains the low-cost computer network called FidoNet.