Statement from Dan Berninger on the FCC’s Restore Internet Freedom Vote

The following may be attributed to Daniel Berninger, founder, VCXC and convener of the TechInnovator initiative:

“All the dysfunctional tendencies of government regulation appear in the 30 minute filibuster by Commissioner Clyburn on the Restore Internet Freedom agenda item at the FCC Open Meeting today.  None of Commissioner Clyburn assertions trace to the actual reality of the Internet either as a non-regulated platform before the Open Internet Order or as regulated after.  The 80 year regulatory track record of the FCC reflects expanding advantage for monopoly, not the flowery promises Commissioner Clyburn imagines.  The present communication abundance traces entirely to the pre-2015 non-regulatory era.  Advocates for Internet regulation literally seek bureaucrat protection for the accomplishments of non-regulation.   If advocates fail to join Chairman Pai offer to resolve hostilities amicably via agency process, a final confrontation looms before the Supreme Court of the United States.”