Doug Humphrey

Doug Humphrey is an Internet pioneer, serial entrepreneur, and the “Father of Managed Hosting”.

Humphrey helped launch in addition to many other commercial products on the Internet. Perhaps best known for co-founding Digex in 1992 with business partner Mike Doughney, Humphrey took the Internet Service Provider public and sold it in 1997 to the Tampa, Florida-based Intermedia Communications Inc

Humphrey also founded broadcast media company SkyCache in 1997. This satellite communications firm focused on all types of Internet media. SkyCache was changed to Cidera shortly before a planned IPO.

From there, Humphrey started a 10-year run with Coloco, a colocation corporation that handled Internet hardware.

Humphrey has been the CEO of Joss Heavy Industries since 2004 where he also directs the Joss Research Institute, a 501(C)3 non-profit doing scientific research in a wide array of subject areas. He also mentors startup companies at the University of Maryland’s Dingman Center for Entrepreneurs.

Humphrey resides in Laurel, Maryland.