An Open Letter to My Friends at Google

April 28, 2017

Check out the latest from Tech Innovator Tom Evslin: You run a fantastically successful business. You deliver search results so valuable that we willingly trade the history of our search requests for free access. Your private network of data centers, content caches and Internet connections assure that Google data pops quickly off our screen. Your […]

Statements On FCC Chairman Pai’s Speech

April 26, 2017

The following may be attributed to Daniel Berninger, founder, VCXC and convener of the TechInnovator initiative: “The conviction of the new FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to follow statute and precedent provides welcome relief from his predecessor.  It seems long overdue to recognize the flaws in the basic premises motivating advocates to impose vacuum tube era regulation on the Internet.  The […]

Tom Evslin – Don’t Make the Internet Safe for Monopolies

April 25, 2017

Check out a recent blog below from Tech Innovator Tom Evslin. This week I’m going to Washington to argue against regulating Internet access as if it were phone service. Twenty years ago I was there for the same reason. My concern now as it was then is that such regulation will damage the economy and […]

Cuban on net neutrality: It will be whac-a-mole

April 2, 2017

via MSNBC Enshrining net neutrality into Federal Communications Communications rules will subject the Internet to the whims of politicians and create uncertainty, Mark Cuban told CNBC on Thursday before the agency approved the regulations. Cuban said FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has changed his position on net neutrality from his original stance in 2010, when the […]

Why I had to sue the FCC – VoIP granddaddy Dan Berninger

March 20, 2017

Via The Register One of the grandaddies of VoIP is taking America’s comms watchdog, the FCC, to the US Supreme Court over net neutrality – and he’s told us why. It’s life or death, says Dan Berninger, whose startup works on high quality voice services, and could be killed by the regulator at a stroke. […]

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