Internet Pioneers Pulver, Barlow, Evslin, Berninger Slam Current Net Neutrality Regs Ahead of July 12 Internet Day of Action

July 7, 2017

Daniel Berninger, founder, VCXC and convener of Tech Innovators “It is alarming to see the utter and complete failure of telecom regulation as applied to the telephone network does not even come up in the debate about extending Title II regulations to the Internet. A review of the track record shows Title II regulation made […]

Tom Evslin – Internet Fast Lanes

June 22, 2017

The Internet Association – lobbying organization for Internet giants like Google, Amazon and Netflix – is adamant that it is necessary to apply of 1935 phone regulation (Title 2) to the Internet to assure that there are no premium “fast lanes”, that all bits are treated equally, that Internet access providers (ISPs) do not prioritize […]

Statement from Dan Berninger on the FCC’s Restore Internet Freedom Vote

May 18, 2017

The following may be attributed to Daniel Berninger, founder, VCXC and convener of the TechInnovator initiative: “All the dysfunctional tendencies of government regulation appear in the 30 minute filibuster by Commissioner Clyburn on the Restore Internet Freedom agenda item at the FCC Open Meeting today.  None of Commissioner Clyburn assertions trace to the actual reality […]

Tech Innovator Mark Cuban Praises FCC Action on Title II

May 3, 2017

In an interview with CNBC, famed entrepreneur and Tech Innovator Mark Cuban praised the FCC and Chairman Pai’s action to roll back regulation of the Internet. According to Cuban,  “The internet has been just phenomenal over the past 20 years, I don’t think we need more regulation there. So I think what the FCC is […]

Tech Innovators Host Members of Media for Discussion on Net Neutrality

April 28, 2017

Several Tech Innovators and members of the media recently discussed the future of our Internet and how to drive innovation through removing regulation. Check out the audio and some great quotes below! John Perry Barlow – Even within EFF, there’s a division of opinion, but my objective, personally, has always been to make it possible […]

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