Tech Elders Issue Call to Recognize Internet Independence Day

In a letter to Congressional leadership, a group of tech elders prominent in the creation of the Internet called on Congress to declare April 30 “Internet Independence Day,” in order to provide “an opportunity to initiate bi-partisan legislation that protects the open Internet while also preserving the private sector framework responsible for these accomplishments.”

The group of innovators includes John Perry Barlow, lyricist; Marc Cuban, Founder, AXS TV; Tim Draper, founder, Draper Fisher Jurvetson; Tom Evslin, founder & former, CEO ITXC; Dave Farber, Professor Emeritus, CMU; Charlie Giancarlo, Sr Advisor, Silver Lake; George Gilder, author; John Gilmore, activist; Brian Martin, Chairman and CTO, 8×8; Bob Metcalfe, Professor, University of Texas; Ray Ozzie, founder, Talk; Jeff Pulver, cofounder, Vonage and Zula; Michael Robertson, CEO,; Scott McNealy, Co-Founder, Sun Microsystems; and Les Vadasz, former EVP, Intel. For more information on the Innovators, see our “Who We Are” page.

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